Have Your Comments on “Pancakes”

18 Mar

Hey,Guys, Let’s check out how many comments I got for my “British Pancakes”.

19 Retweets, 23 Comments, >200 Impressions on Facebook Fanpages

19 Retweets and 23Comments on my Tweets about my last post-【British Pancakes】, that ‘s really inspiring !!! Thank you all of you for sharing and giving me such sweet comments ~ every time I saw your comments and praise on my dessert tweets or from my blog, I was just like being  surrounded by love and warm encouragement from all of you. Each of you is my precious ingredient of the ♨Dessert.S®”.Your constant support is my motivation of keeping  going, lov you all!~ stay tuned !~

Here are the comments from Sina weibo and the Pancakes Post! I have collected all of them and I am gonna show them here: (Notes: The “Comments Bar” below  will simultaneously to be added as soon as Anyone who comments on the Post -”Sonces”or on Sina Weibo(@SarahWW).) (Click the Image below and you will directly link to the Sina Weibo Page of each Person! Let’s start “Share”, start “Social”, start “Sina weibo”!!!~)

@Jill:"Happy Pancake Day! It seems British style pancake is different from American style. Yours reminds me of Crepe."


@Lina:"You always make it looks seductive!~"每次都那么诱人


@小P:“It looks like a Chinese version of Pancake, a bit different in its ingredients~hehe~it seems like there are something in common of food culture between China and western countries. Sarah, you did a great job! I will try it sometime. I am also expecting the recipes of some simple making and healthy breakfasts. hope you will post some in here~ thx."有点像国内北方吃的煎饼果子,基本的做法相似,只是里面的配料不太一样。呵呵,看来中西饮食文化有很多相通之处的。S做得很好,改明儿我也试试。希望继续介绍一些比较方便做的早餐,哈哈~赞~


@sum:"You are absolutely good at this! Handy Sarah~! envy you!~"

@Sharon:"haha~that's tasty!~its my Brunch today!~"

@Jing:"Wow~!It looks NICE!!!~"


@Mandy:“Wow~It looks Nice!!~”

@wangshiji:”It looks so yummy that I can hardly wait to bite it!Perfect combination of color aroma taste and appearance~I am mouth watering now~!”

@CommeBebe:”Whoa!!! “

Giving your Comments and You will be the Next  ◤@……◢ on♨Dessert.S® !

To become Next  ◤@……◢on ♨Dessert.S®:

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  2. @SarahWW in Sina Weibo
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To be Continued… (Keep Updating…)



4 Responses to “Have Your Comments on “Pancakes””

  1. sharon March 18, 2011 at 4:55 AM #

    i like it, soooo sweet~~

    • SarahWW March 18, 2011 at 11:55 AM #

      Sharon, you looks gorgeous in the video~! thx for supporting me!~


  2. Sharon Wong March 18, 2011 at 5:04 AM #

    wow, I always me easily. I like it~~~

    • SarahWW March 18, 2011 at 11:54 AM #

      haha~you are so fast!~

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