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10 Mar


Hey,Guys, Let’s check our how many comments I got for my “British Scone”. I have  already got totally 19 Retweets and 23Comments on my Tweets about my last post-【British Scones】, that ‘s really inspiring !!! Thank you all of you for sharing and giving me such sweet comments ~ every time I saw your comments and praise on my dessert tweets or from my blog, I was just like being  surrounded by love and warm encouragement from all of you. Each of you is my precious ingredient of the ♨Dessert.S®”. Your constant support is my motivation of keeping  going, lov you all!~ stay tuned !~

Here are the comments from Sina weibo and the Scones Post! I have collected all of them and I am gonna show them here:

(Notes: The “Comments Bar” below  will simultaneously to be added as soon as Anyone who comments on the Post -“Sonces”or on Sina Weibo(@SarahWW).)

(Click the Image below and you will directly link to the Sina Weibo Page of each Person! Let’s start “Share”, start “Social”, start “Sina weibo”!!!~)

@Jill :“I love scone, especially cinnamon favor scone. And you should put some dried raspberry or blueberry into the mixture. I promise you the taste will be super!”

@sum:" My afternoon tea~~"

@small P:”It stimulates my apetite~ your derection is simple and clear, and most importatnt, you are so sweet , you add the chinese version of it, which is really helpful! Thanks~ Keep going Sarah!~”

@sharon:" I have it for my afternoon tea today! it tastes awesome!!!~it tastes better so much than those scones selling in supermarket here. I bet I would never buy them again...."今天下午吃了这个,好吃的不得了。。。。和超市里的卖的不能比的,以后再也不吃超市里的scones了~

@sharon:" Thanks Sarah preparing this yummy scones for my afternoon tea! I always calling it wrong as "stone" , it's Brilliant!~" SaraWW精心准备的下午茶,Scones,我一直误叫做Stone~味道狠不错!~lov

@CommeBebe:"Oh~must to Retweet it!!!"哇!必须要转!~

@xuyuyu:"OH~Scones!~Brillian!~Sarah you really spent so much effort on it!~keeping going!~"英式松饼~灵的灵的!~S小姐果然很用心~

@ChantelLan:"Oh~ Dear, I want to eat it!!!!!!!~"亲爱的我也要吃!!!!!!

@Ryan""That's Awesome! Must to Retweet it!!!"太强了!~必须转啊!~

@moreci:" Wow~ I am thinking of you are in a beautiful dress and carrying a basket with delicious desserts, what a cozy afternoon~"哦嗨哟。我看见你穿着英式礼裙提着篮子,好惬意啊~

@Lina:"It looks Fantastic!!!"太赞了

@Shane:"Great,great,great! it looks yummy~mouth watering now!~"灵灵灵~看的口水直流啊~~~

@serena:”oh~!that's Brilliant!~Who can resist this kind of temptation?! shout again, I wanna lose my weight!~"太罪恶了,谁受的了这种诱惑啊, 再大喊一声,我要减肥肥肥!!



Giving your Comments and You will be the Next  ◤@……◢ on ♨Dessert.S® !

To become Next  ◤@……◢on ♨Dessert.S®:

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To be Continued… (Keep Updating…)


6 Responses to “Have Your Comments on “Scones””

  1. xi wang March 10, 2011 at 11:13 PM #

    wow,I have found me in a special position. video is sooooo brilliant. i like it. bty, i am the first people comment on this post. hahhaha

    • SarahWW March 10, 2011 at 11:22 PM #

      haha~because you subscribe my blog and once I upload a new post you will simultaneously receive my newsletter~ I am very happy to know that you love this video~ yep~you are the final glance of the video~ btw,you looks gorgeous in it!~haha~


      • xi wang March 10, 2011 at 11:42 PM #

        oh, this song will let me happy. i love it. let me tell you i have seen it lots of time. I want the full song~~

  2. hiyuan March 14, 2011 at 1:38 PM #


  3. dailuoman March 16, 2011 at 4:59 PM #


    • SarahWW March 16, 2011 at 10:29 PM #

      哈哈~oh yeah!~开心开心!~我bet你没做scone~!~

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